Drug treatments

Drug treatments can help many people with prostate problems, especially those with relatively mild symptoms. Drugs can be used to improve flow & reduce the size of the prostate. Other drugs can help reduce frequency & the urgent need to pass urine.

Alpha Blocker Drugs

e.g Tamsulosin or Alfuzosin

These medicines help to relax muscle in the prostate & open out the prostate to improve flow rate & bladder emptying. Side effects can include dizziness & dry orgasm.

5 AlphaReductase Inhibitors

 e.g Finasteride or Dutasteride

These are the only drugs that can reduce the size of the prostate & can help to reduce disease progression & the risk of becoming unable to pass urine (retention). However there can be side effects such as decreased libido & erection problems. The PSA level will be approximately halved by either of these drugs.

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